Saving The Children

By Leena Kanye.

On Tuesday 9th July members of the Debate Mate team – Juma Shikdar, Eva Maliaukaite, Tia Robertson, Samuel Ratford, Salmeet Kaur, Ehinome and myself – attended an event hosted by Save the Children in Westminster.

We started off in a hall and did a few warm-up activities. After that, we went to Westminster where the meeting of MPs takes place. Activities included people sharing their experiences of developing countries and the struggles those people face. One student from each school was taken for filming – we were recorded outside of parliament sharing our views with Rory Stewart, arguing how we would want to spend UK Aid to improve our future. UK Aid is the money given to developing countries to help them to develop and have better conditions.

The purpose of the day was for us young children to have a say as to how we want our future to be like. Young children should have a voice since it will be their future. This experience was amazing and it was a great opportunity to share our views with someone such as Rory Stewart who can take things forward.
Juma Shikdar said: ‘It was a learning experience and we got to find out the reality the world.’
Eva Maliaukaite commented: ‘It was cool to be able to explain our opinions to our MPs.’

It was a great trip and we came away with a lot of extraordinary benefits.