Mr Khan – Deputy Headteacher

Thank you for visiting the Eastbrook School website, all of us here take great pride in our school.  I am excited to be part of an SLT team who are making rapid improvements and I am really privileged to be a part of the school teaching team.

I teach Mathematics to students of all ages and also teach ICT to KS3 students.  My role as Deputy Headteacher looking after the area of Assessment, recording and reporting of student progress takes me into the Eastbrook Primary school as well as working in the Secondary age area and often also work with sixth form students.  I am responsible for making sure all parents and students receive timely reports on pupil progress, I also support teachers in making sure they are able to best plan for their classes fully equipped with knowledge about their students and any background attainment.

Parents and Students may be familiar with me as it is my responsibility to keep everyone informed about all things relating to exams, be it Mock exams or end of year exams and most importantly the GCSE summer exams.

I am really passionate about Numeracy, I sometimes think why people more or less would not feel comfortable saying they cannot read, but we aren’t as snappy at renouncing Numeracy.  I’d like to change that perception, I want every student at Eastbrook to say they are confident with Numeracy.  You will hopefully find out through out the year about some of the ideas I will be leading on around Numeracy, so do watch this space.

If you happen to be in our school car park after late hours, you may see me about to head home sporting my badminton racket.  Every opportunity I get, I try to get a few practice rounds in, quite a few teachers, teaching assistants, sixth form students and the school chef, all badminton enthusiasts.

I have just finished reading a book by Viv Grant title ‘Staying A head’, and I am right now waiting delivery on my next book ‘Fierce Conversations’ by Susan Scott.

Once again, thank you for visiting our school website, and please feel welcome to come in and see us or see me about anything on your mind.

Anamul Khan, Deputy Headteacher