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What is it for?

  • To provide our students with the experience of working and learning without the direct support of the teacher.
  • To develop self discipline and good learning habits essential for further study.
  • To consolidate what has been learned in class and to prepare for tests and exams

All students at Eastbrook Secondary are expected to read for at least 30 minutes each evening at Secondary.

Books can be borrowed from our school library or from your local library. Regular reading is proven to raise academic standards across all subject areas.

Reading the newspaper or going on line to keep up with local, national and international news is an excellent way for your child to keep ahead of current affairs and will help them with all of the subjects they study at school.

Subject Homework

Teachers will set appropriate tasks for homework from each subject.

  • All homework should be written into student planners
  • Each subject homework is planned to take between 30 and 45 minutes
  • Extension work is set for higher achieving students
  • Help sheets and writing frames are provided where more support is necessary
  • Homework is essential in preparing for tests, controlled assignments and exams 

Online Learning & Revision

Eastbrook subscribes to many online programs such as Sam Learning, GCSEPod & MyMaths that will help your child work independently, often providing instant feedback. Please encourage your child to access the appropriate platforms as advised by their teachers and take part in the different competitions that run for online learning. Information, links and login details to each program can be found on this page.

Mr Saleh is the overall coordinator for Online Learning at Eastbrook and pupils can discuss any problems with their teacher or form tutor before approaching Mr Saleh for any help in room B1.10.

More information

Homework Policy can be found on our policies page.