Eastbrook School

Attendance Hot Line – contact details at the bottom of this page

Attendance %What this means in a school weekWhat this means in a five year secondary school career
90%A half day off each weekHalf a year of school missed
That means:
97 days or
485 lessons
85%Three quarters of a day each weekThree quarters of a year missed
That means:
145 days or
725 lessons
80%One day off each week1 complete year of school missed
That means:
195 days or
975 lessons


All students at Eastbrook should be aiming for at least 95% attendance.

 It is your responsibility to ensure that your child attends school regularly. However, please contact us if you find that there are any issues with attendance. If your child is trying to avoid school we need to work together to resolve the situation. Often some simple actions can ensure that your child is back on track. Good attendance is essential for high achievement.

  1. If your child seems a bit unwell in the morning please encourage them to try to come in to school, often they may wake up with a sore throat but feel better as the day goes on. If your child is not well at school, we will always contact you and arrange for them to come home. We have a range of staff trained in first aid who support our school medical assistant in running a highly efficient medical room.
  2. You should arrange for all appointments to be made out of school hours. For some hospital appointments this is not always possible, again please try to make them early morning or late afternoon so that the rest of the day can be spent in school.
  3.  Family holidays must be taken during the school holidays

The table above can be a bit of a shock when seen for the first time – 90% sounds pretty good until you realise the impact on your child’s education.

If your child is absent from school you can email or phone in to provide the reason. Alternatively you should write a note in their planner or a letter of explanation.

Phone number: 0203 780 3609

Email address:  office@eastbrookschool.org